Joan Wulfsohn and the Wisdom of Success

March 12, 2014


Life has taken Joan Wulfsohn around the world as well as the world of herself and back again and in the process she brought forth the healing magic she was born to bring to the physical world, to share so others could be happy and healthy!  Visit the website and learn more about her wondrous healing modality, you will be moved to contact her!  Then read the book “Stalking Carlos Castaneda” which is her poetic memoir which explains how and why she brought forth Cellular Recall Therapy, when you do you will find that Joan Wulfsohn is a humble, enchanted woman who has lived and is living a remarkable life.  Today Joan is sharing her wisdom on the topic of success and as she has experienced a myriad of what we may call defeats, perhaps these contributed to the wisdom that lead her to success, tune in and find out!  We thank Joan for her sharing, we also thank award winning artist, David Martinka for his beautiful music. and are where you can find his music!  Thank you for FOLLOWING this program @ as well as CONNECTING with Annette Rochelle Aben on YOU Tube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest.

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