August 13, 2009

The Author

“Finding genius is a blessing superceded only by helping it find itself. For more than thirty years, I have been a writer, an editor, a teacher, a critic, and a seeker of greatness. I have discovered and encouraged many good writers. Even one or two great ones. But never one whose words shine with the brilliance of Joan Wulfsohn’s.”

Janet Berliner, creator and coauthor of Artifact and coeditor, with Joyce Carol Oates, of Snapshots: 20th Century Mother-Daughter Fiction

Before becoming a practitioner and teacher of Cellular Recall Therapy, a bodywork technique she developed over many years, Joan Wulfsohn was a soloist in the National Ballet (KPAB) of South Africa. She has appeared internationally in musicals, on television, and in film as a dancer and choreographer. She has taught dance and lectured at institutions including: the University of Nanterre in Paris; Le Centre International de Danse in Cannes; the University and the Conservatoire de Musique in Nice; El Centro National del Teatro in Barcelona; UCLA, the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute, and The Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Los Angeles.

Joan has taught classes in accessing a spiritual path through the body (Archetypes and The Body) as well as given instruction in her technique of Cellular Recall Therapy in many countries. Her work has been written about in articles and interviews including: Nice Matin (France); La Provincia (Milan); The Star (Johannesburg); and Body Mind Spirit, Massage Magazine, LA Weekly, Whole Life Times, and Whole Person in the USA. She has been interviewed on radio in South Africa and the USA, and on television in the USA and Zimbabwe.

Her authority in her expertise serves to make her audience comfortable, her humor is quick, and her personal style is radiantly warm. She is a seasoned performer who will be a naturally engaging advocate for her published work.

She currently lives and teaches in Los Angeles, California.

The Book

The Child Is Not Dead is a series of interconnected, semi-autobiographical stories about a character referred to as the woman. Journey with her from childhood and early marriages in South Africa, to motherhood in Paris and London, and time in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the world.

Horton Foote called Joan’s writing “emotionally devastating,” and Joyce Carol Oates said:

“Joan Wulfsohn is a wonderfully readable, richly informed and generous talent. You feel that she is a natural born storyteller with such sympathy for her subject, and such zest in the telling, you will want to follow her painfully believable female characters wherever they will lead you.”

This website, a digital presentation of Joan’s work, will feature 12-14 stories of interactions between the woman and people and events that had an effect on the direction of her life. In addition, Joan will share further insights here about the writing of the novel and the effect the experience has had on her.

Most importantly, Joan hopes this book will inspire you, Dear Reader, to connect, engage, and interact with her and the growing community of readers for whom this powerful story has touched.

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